Solamatic us patent #9,631,426

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Solamatic is an elctro-mechanical headrail system for window treatments. Using solar your blinds will open or close on their own.


VSI Technologies Inc. redefines “AUTOMATIC”in the window treatment industry, as demonstrated by the bench mark cutting edge SOLAMATIC system.



Provides automatic opening and closing of verticle blinds


Blinds adjust according to sun intensity


Is solar powered.  No need to run any electrical


Can be manually set to any position if you like

We have effectively used the power of the sun to control and modify the impact of the sun, in our operating environments and we know you’ll love this part: “it’s maintenance free”.

The USPTO Patented SOLAMATIC a solar operated automatic electro-mechanical system, was invented and developed by an electro-mechanical and reliability specialist,with a problem solving intent.

SOLAMATIC the 2015 Inventors Forum award winning  mark, is a window treatment system of the future delivered today.

This is not just a regular vertical blind out there, but a window treatment system that goes beyond the intent of the blinds industry standards with primary design intent as follows:

  •  Automatic operation in hard to reach windows.
  • Uses “solar energy” to operate all day and all year round.
  • Effectively functions relatively to the suns intensity and windows orientations.
  • An electro-mechanical security system for any  unattended building
  • Simulation to deter intruders.
  • Louvers have solar screen properties to enhance energy cost savings all year round.
  • Basic illumination properties at sun set or night time using energy saved during the day.

If you are out there looking for a cutting edge window treatment system, ask for the first VSI Technologies mark
“SOLAMATIC”. (Solar Automatic)

Product SPEC.

  • Min. Width:16.75”
  • Max. Width: 50.0” with blinds budding and custom size designs capabilities.
  • Anodized customized aluminum head-rail “PV “cell integrated with built-in redundancy.
  • Override Options.
  • Rotation only Head-rail.
  • Cordless & Chain-less Head-rail automatic controls feature.
  • SOLAR screen fabrics properties or perforated PVC with 3.5” wide Louvers.
  • Override Options available. (at quote/build )

Operating Environment Requirement

    • Inside mounting Window width must be 5” deep minimum for free rotation.
    • No loose or foreign objects along the rotation path (inside/outside mounting).
    • No permanent external interference  i.e. (between window pane and the sun’s rays).
    • Industry standard valance acceptable.(inside/outside mounting).
    • Unique Insert Valance available.

When you think of SOLAMATIC:

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Our blind prices depend on the window size.  With so many variations we can provide a quote once we have the height and width.

Solamatic blinds start at

$ 50