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VSI Technologies Inc. redefines "AUTOMATIC"in the window treatment industry, as demonstrated by the bench mark cutting edge SOLAMATIC system.

We have effectively used the power of the sun to control and modify the impact of the sun, in our operating environments and we know you'll love this part: "it's maintenance free". 

The USPTO Patented  SOLAMATIC a solar operated automatic electro-mechanical system, was invented and developed by an electro-mechanical and reliability specialist,with a problem solving intent.

When you think of SOLAMATIC:

  • Imagine a cordless vertical blind system.
  • Think about a chainless vertical blind system.
  • Imagine a non-contact vertical blind system.
  • Think about home security while away from home.
  • Think about the safety of young ones at all times.
  • Think about energy conservation(Winter/Summer).
  • Think about indoor plants light requirements when away from home.
  • Think about pets daily needs of light while alone at home.
  • Think about hard to reach windows.
  • Think about the  power of the sun.
The inventor thought about all of the above, beyond and said,"it has to be a non-contact type" and SOLAMATIC  is and will always be the solution. Sustainability has been exhibited in our follow-on Power Anywhere products executing LED technology for basic illumination, developed from the self generating electro-mechanical solamatic technology.