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VSI Technologies Inc.(VSIT) is a Delaware registered Corporation, that started as a small metrology company, conducting measurements science, developing products & components First Articles (FAI analysis) for the Aerospace companies.

Today we have succeeded in integrating Engineering and Technology, to develop innovative products for Grid failures UPS & OFF-GRID application, establishing global foot prints with our bench marks "Solamatic _POWER ANYWHERE & G-FLEX Technologies head-starting in the USA tailored for Africa.
Today we are featuring in  Cameroon, Tanzania & the Philippines.(with continuous global foot prints progressions)
We are  implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, applying a delta (pyramid/ broad-based) methodology focused on the developing world’s fundamental requirement LIGHT.
At VSIT , we are a self generation company as opposed to your local r major power companies who are  basically grid power distributors.
Our OFF-GRID POWER CAPABILITY endorsements and USPTO patented Technologies are traceable to:
  • LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power) one of the worlds biggest in Water & Power Distribution.
  • LACI (Los Angeles Center for Innovation) a national i-con for green technology/innovation/smart-homes
  • Real Estates companies
  • A CMTC  verified all California made products