Bench Mark

SOLAMATIC the 2015 Inventors Forum award winning  mark, is a window treatment system of the future delivered today

This is not just a regular vertical blind out there, but a window treatment system that goes beyond the intent of the blinds industry standards with primary design intent as follows:

  •  Automatic operation in hard to reach windows.
  • Uses “solar energy” to operate all day and all year round.
  • Effectively functions relatively to the suns intensity and windows orientations.
  • An electro-mechanical security system for any  unattended building
  • Simulation to deter intruders.
  • Louvers have solar screen properties to enhance energy cost savings all year round.
  • Basic illumination properties at sun set or night time using energy saved during the day.

If you are out there looking for a cutting edge window treatment system, ask for the first VSI Technologies mark “SOLAMATIC”. (Solar Automatic)

Product SPEC.

  • Min. Width:16.75”
  • Max. Width: 50.0” with blinds budding and custom size designs capabilities.
  • Anodized customized aluminum head-rail “PV “cell integrated with built-in redundancy.
  • Override Options.
  • Rotation only Head-rail.
  • Cordless & Chain-less Head-rail automatic controls feature.
  • SOLAR screen fabrics properties or perforated PVC with 3.5'' wide Louvers.
  • Override Options available. (at quote/build )

Operating Environment Requirement
    • Inside mounting Window width must be 5” deep minimum for free rotation.
    • No loose or foreign objects along the rotation path (inside/outside mounting).
    • No permanent external interference  i.e. (between window pane and the sun’s rays).
    • Industry standard valance acceptable.(inside/outside mounting).
    • Unique Insert Valance available.