Organizational Overview

Established in 2002,VSI Technologies Inc. was formed with a primary intent and focus on  advanced Manufacturing/Product (R&D) functions execution. With several years of advanced Manufacturing (R&D) and window treatment experience VSI Technologies Inc. was determined to be at the cutting edge of window treatment systems industry from standard mechanical operated features through motorized and now a non-contact automatic systems using solar energy.

 It's among the first leading PV integrated electro-mechanical headrail system for vertical blinds, and has since then basically redefined the meaning of AUTOMATIC in the vertical blinds industry.

With the nature of our product and company capability, we are well placed in a dual functional classification such as Research and Development capability as demonstrated by SOLAMATIC & POWER ANYWHERE.

Our products stand out with buildings exposed to energy efficient design intent /unique high illumination effects orientation but hard to reach windows with features as follows:

  • Non-contact at all times after install.
  • Automatic rotation relatively to the sun’s intensity all day and all year round.
  • Effectively using the sun / SOLAR energy to operate vertical blinds

For cost containment purposes we operate effectively applying the and “SPC” flow down Techniques with industry traceability to OEM standards designed and made in America.

We are not limited to our popular Mark  manufacturing only, but VSI Technologies Inc. fabricates other leading basic window treatment systems/ products if desired using OEM components.

The principal, leader, President and CEO, is loaded with variable high demanded background training and will stay the course with continuous improvement principles on any and future benchmarking VSI Technologies ventures.

This includes past experience from clean sheet to full blown manufacturing in the unique areas of, Solar Integrated modules designs /Solar Operated Automatic Window Treatment D&M /Aerospace Mfg. / Mag-Stripe Technology /Xerographic Engineering & Technology/ Semiconductors /LCD, and Rub-Head Technologies.

This key personnel  is a Reliability Engineer by training  with a specialty in electro-mechanicals  backed with Advanced  Manufacturing training, with an advanced degree in the field of Quality/Reliability Engineering, and a board Certified Senior Industrial Technologist.

His professional excellence has been marked by multiple Corporate President awards of excellence in cutting edge performance in product bench marking, Corporate Technical induction, Solamatic invention and a US Patent & Registered Trade Mark”.

Company Designations



SAM/ORCA Registration





  • 334413 (Manufacturing)
  • 541711_ R&D (Advanced Manufacturing)

Company's Past performance:

  • Totally Wired, CA.
  • Aerie Engineering, Ca.
  • Louverdrape /Levelor Inc. NJ
  • RC Product Development &Engineering Ca.
  • Advanced Eng.& Molding, Ca.
  • SunWize Technologies, Colorado
  • Sterling Instruments, NY
  • Sierra Laser Center, Ca.
  • Frontier Aluminum Corporation, Ca.
  • Baghouse & Industrial Sheet Metal Serv. Inc. Ca.
  • Quaker City Federal Savings & Loans Ca.