About Us

VSI Technologies Inc.(VSIT) is a Delaware registered Corporation, that started as a small metrology company, conducting measurements science, developing products & components First Articles (FAI analysis) for the Aerospace companies.

Today we have succeeded in integrating Engineering and Technology, to develop innovative products for Grid failures UPS & OFF-GRID application, establishing global foot prints with our bench marks "Solamatic _POWER ANYWHERE & G-FLEX Technologies head-starting in the USA tailored for Africa. Our foot prints are featuring in  Cameroon, Tanzania & the Philippines.(with continuous global progressions)

We are  implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, applying a delta (pyramid/ broad-based) methodology focused on the developing world’s fundamental requirement LIGHT.

VSIT ,is a self generation company as opposed to your local  major power companies who are  basically grid power distributors.

We have demonstrated excellence in harnessing the sun and delivering flawless made in California products, with industry recognitions as the 2018,E=MC2    Award winner for product innovation & the 2015-Inventors forum Award winner for most innovative Technology.

Our OFF-GRID POWER delivery capability endorsements and USPTO patented Technologies are traceable to:
  • *LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power) one of the worlds biggest in Water & Power Distribution.
  • *LACI (Los Angeles Center for Innovation) a national i-con for green technology/innovation/smart-homes
  • *Real Estates companies
  • *A CMTC  verified all California made products
  • *California Inland Empire Manufacturers Council (IEMC)